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Create a Patio With Pavers

Create a Patio With Pavers

Is your backyard dull and uninspired? Could it use a little pizzazz, not to mention a place to put a barbecue grill and some stylish lounge chairs?

Consider adding a patio that you create yourself! Not only will you have a gorgeous outdoor space; you’ll also have the glorious satisfaction of knowing you created something useful and fantastic with your own hands.

Home improvement stores have all the materials you’ll need to create a yard-transforming patio that’s both beautiful and practical. And odds are, you can get the project done in a single weekend!

At the end of this article, we’ve shared a video with all the details, but here’s what you need to know to get started:

Plot out the area — Choose where you will install your patio. Preferably, you’ll select a flat area that’s grassy or dirt-covered. If your area needs a little TLC before you can lay out your pavers, get that done now. You’ll also want to call local utility companies to come out and mark where any buried lines are located so you don’t accidentally dig anything up!

Mark the specific confines — Use landscape paint or flags to mark the exact place you’ll lay your paver patio. Think about what you’ll want to put on your patio— dining set, lounge chairs, grill, etc. — and make your patio large enough to accommodate your needs. Also give some thought to how the patio will fit into your overall landscape.

Select your pavers — There are a number of options in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Look for a style that complements the design aesthetic of your home. Consider the pattern in which you will arrange your pavers.

Once you have determined what your patio will look like, it’s time to install your pavers. To learn how, watch the video below. And when your patio is complete, add furniture and some beautifully blooming potted plants. Voilá!

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